About the Blog…

I am clean and organized by nature, but whenever I am in the kitchen and I start cooking; I make a mess. Egg shells splayed out on countertops. Scraps of chopped vegetables on the floor. A sink full of dishes. By the time I am done trying a new recipe, or simply making myself breakfast, I have A Messy Kitchen.

I believe A Messy Kitchen is a kitchen full of love, passion, and fun.


The Woman Behind the Blog…

Thank you for visiting my blog! My birth name is Laura-Maria but everyone just calls me Laura. I am not a professionally trained chef or cook, but the woman who taught me (my mother who taught herself) I might as well be considered professional trained.  I love to cook, occasionally bake, and eat. Drink making is my forte because I am actually kind of professionally trained (took a four-week bartending class).

Born & raised in New Jersey I have moved all over the state and lived in New York City for a few years before finding myself back where I came from, north jersey. I am currently working for an online kitchenware company (that I love) and I use this blog as an outlet for my creativity and food making experiments.

I love sharing my recipes, tips & tricks, and my many many stories. If you have a question about a recipe or need some industry insight on cookware, shoot me an email at amessykitchen.blog@gmail.com.


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