About the Blog…

I believe A Messy Kitchen is a kitchen full of love, passion, and fun. I always listen to the Kayne West station whenever I am cooking in MY kitchen. (#KayneInTheKitchen should be a thing). Get messy, make good food.

The Woman Behind the Blog…

Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Laura-Maria, but everyone just calls me Laura. I am not a professionally trained chef or cook, but the woman who taught me (my mother who taught herself) I might as well be considered professional trained.  I love to cook, occasionally bake, and eat. Drink making is my forte because I am kind of professionally trained… (I took a four-week bartending class).

Born and raised in New Jersey — I have lived all over the state as well. I did a short stint in New York City (went to college) before finding myself back where I came from, North Jersey. I am currently working for an online kitchenware company (that I love) and I use this blog as an outlet for my creativity and food making experiments.

I love sharing my recipes, tips & tricks, and my many many stories. If you have a question about a recipe or need some industry insight on cookware, shoot me an email at amessykitchen.blog@gmail.com.

General Guidelines…

If you would like to SHARE my recipes, great! I would love that! Please note, copying & pasting is not sharing. Kindly do not copy and paste entire recipes on ANY WEBSITE or social media, no exceptions.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO post a photo on Facebook, or any other social media site (except for Instagram) with a link leading directly to my recipe. Please do not post full ingredients or directions on Facebook, including on pages or in groups.


YOU ARE WELCOME TO use the “share” button on any page or on found on A Messy Kitchen social media site to share a link to any recipe. DO NOT copy and paste the ingredients and directions list onto the shared post.

Recreating Recipes…

If you recreate one of my recipes and would like to share it on your blog… you are welcome to do so! Please:

  • Create your own photograph
  • You are welcome to use my list of ingredients exactly as they are written
  • Please rewrite directions in your own words… your blog is about you… your readers want to hear you, not me! Write them in your own words.
  • Remember to include a link back to the original recipe!
  • Taking my recipes and reproducing or copying and pasting them on Facebook or your blog violates Facebook terms and copyright laws. Please do not take my recipes without permission.

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